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Abbott Laboratories is an American multinational medical devices and health care company with headquarters in Abbott Park, Illinois, United States. The company was founded by Chicago physician Wallace Calvin Abbott in 1888 to formulate known drugs; today, it sells medical devices, diagnostics, branded generic medicines and nutritional products. It split off its research-based pharmaceuticals business.

Jess mentioned, "Pediasure is basically a milk powder with added some vitamins. I am using this product from the last three months for my son. But no effects are seen for height and weight gain. Instead my son loses the weight. The taste is also average, not so good. It's basically a wastage of money. So be sure before using Pediasure."


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Funcionário atual - Analista De Marketing Júnior says

"Ambiente poderia ser melhor entre os colaboradores"

Prestador de serviços atual - Assistente De Marketing says

"Sem perspectiva de crescimento (carreira); empresa terceirizada para pagar a maioria dos funcionários; salário muito baixo; retrabalho e estresse devido à processos mal formulados."

Monkey (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I ever had a culture of fear with no union and bullying is the norm very bad and inefficient hr department only care about the company imageNone at allToo many too mention"

Welding Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Low paying position and your position or job is not secure or solid.The company uses you and when it’s time to hire and give you your benefits they lay you off. Always pressure you to build more and faster production is more important than quality.They treat people like a number not an employee.Employees get paid low wages for the work they do and the stress they go through.Very good peopleJob is stressful and pay is low"

Cleanroom Technician / operator (Current Employee) says

"No promition, metallic subassembly is not safe to work. Working with chemical wearing only a mask white regular (not even the blue mask or n95), during covid19 pandemic the company is out of supplies of ppe’s, so we have to buy our own mask to work. Reduced hours unpaid, 2week shutdown unpaid. They laid off a lot of employee."

receptionista (Former Employee) says

"uma empresa muito estressante,que faz um bom trabalho global mas onde as pessoas nao sabem trabalhar em equipa"

Scientist (Current Employee) says

"The culture is not encouraging. The pay is below average in the state of Va. Management doesn’t value employee unless you’re working extreme hours or doing more than you should. Mangers don’t fight for employees so they won’t look bad. A lot of people leave and go to ppd for better pay and a better atmosphere."

Consumer Relations Sales Representative II (Former Employee) says

"Terrible only cares about making $$. Will lay off employees at the drop of a hat. Bottom line is the only thing that matters not employees well being. Laid off entire department and outsourced our jobs overseas"

Developer/Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I think it's company rule that you wont get paid when you resign. Worst work not join as contractor in SAP. lot of work pressure. worst company."

Medical representative (Former Employee) says

"Pésima experiencia laboral. Mienten mirándote a los ojos. Existe mucho celos profesionales en los niveles gerenciales y lo transmiten a través de la cadena laboral. Mucho reclutamiento por amistad lo que produce ambiente tóxico. El Adiestramiento fue pésimo y desorganizado. Los Objetivos de Ventas son Incongruentes con las Estrategias planteadas por año. El personal clerical trabaja 40 horas semanales pero el personal exento con algunas excepciones trabajan 35 horas o menos semanales. Es la primera vez que renuncio a un trabajo y no me despiden. En 6 meses llegué al punto de hastío con tanta incompetencia con títulos. No hay Honestidad ni conductas Éticas . Salario bajo beneficios escasos.Si llevas años trabajando con ellos es muy dificil que te despidanDemasiada Hipocresía laboral y mucha mentira en aras de lucir bien en las ejecutorias"

Finance AP (Former Employee) says

"Management has created a culture and an overall feeling of less than with direct labor employees. This culture is felt everywhere creating low morale among employees. High demands on production rates, as long as the rates are met the supervisors receive large bonuses. This place is a place I would not recommend to anyone for employment if they are trying to find a technical career. The pay scale for an hourly employee is also far lower here as well."

Account compliance coordinator - promoted toImplementation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Finally made it into the mid 30k per year after 5 years. They make you feel like your such an asset to the company but will low ball you when merit increase comes along unless you're a suck up or always in management face you go unnoticed (college degree or not). I've pitched ideas that are still being used and got nothing for it. Not even recognized or praised by my manager. They will use you and make you feel bad for asking for a raise. Don't waste your time like I did."

Assembly Line Worker (Current Employee) says

"Pay is very low for what we do and it is very stressful in my area pay is more at fast food and training is not clear work environment not good we need better lighting and upgrade on Our equipment and production would improve if you treat people fair they will repay you by working together and produce a quality part, I think Abbott has no loyalty to their employees at a to their e to their empforgot"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was a contract worker with Adecco with no benefits, and the full time staff would take advantage of you. They would take extra long breaks while you had to operate their machine and your machine at the same time even though it was against FDA regulations. When we got inspected by the FDA we were told to only work on one machine. The management is not honest. The full time staff were bitter and would pick fights with the Adecco employees. We had no rights. I was assaulted by two full time staff members but of course they would say it was a joke because they had all the rights to do what they wanted with you. When you make a complaint about their behaviour the management whitewashing the incident and then turns the table on you by gaslighting and making you out to be the villain. The whole interview was about whether you can get along with difficult employees so they are not shy about saying it at the get go. It's a warning.occasional free lunchlong hours and abusive staff and flaky management"

Operator I (Current Employee) says

"(4) 10 hour shifts, yet constant mandatory overtime. Managers say 'just get with the program' to protect their bonuses. You are a number, here. This place is dirty for a medical production area. Restrooms are constantly destroyed by co-workers. If you request time off, you get blamed for it & typically do not receive timeoff.Always workManagement"

Enrollment/ Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They were horrible they didn't treat their employees with respect nor did the supervisors treat u with respect certain sips had relations with other co workers which made the environment hostile"

Web GL 3D Animator/Programmer/Modeler and technical iIllustrator (Former Employee) says

"After working there 4 years I was transferred to a new group with no notice and placed under supervisors who knew absolutely nothing about what I was doing for the company."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They are NOT a software company. Their whole model is to send the work offshore, and/or justify a visa for someone from India. The two consulting companies they use are India companies. The majority of the team was from India. They OPENLY exclude others from meetings. I can't tell you how many times I'd have a conversation that went like: Mgr: When will you be finished with X? ME: I dunno - I haven't heard anything about X. Mgr: What do you mean? B told you about it at the meeting yesterday! ME: What meeting yesterday? I wasn't invited. Mgr: Don't lie to me!! B told me that you were at the meeting and he told you to do X!! ME: Um, I'm not *lying* to you, but clearly B *is*. Regardless, I wasn't at the meeting. I wasn't invited. I was never asked to do X. Mgr: Well, I'm not going to argue this with you. Finish it today!! They're going to use you to get started or do things they can't do, then get you to teach someone else and let you go. I don't have a problem with setting something up as a contractor and doing knowledge transfer to an employee - just be honest with me tell me that up front. Don't lie to me and do bait and switch."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Abbott Laboratories full time for 3 years. Pro: good products. Con: politics. you know what I mean. Slow progression, no chance for promotion."

Marketing Director (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work, specially if you are a minority. In 4 years I basically had no bonus; even though the CEO was making 40MM a year. There were lay offs right and left. I went through 3 division presidents in 4 years."

Employee Relations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nonstop Constant overtime No recognition Managers are Worthless There constantly on you about performance and they demand OVER TIME Morning noon and night"

Medical Billing Processor (Former Employee) says

"I left Alere because the management made everyone feel like a child, always over the shoulders and not flexible with breaks and time away from the desk. Also not friendly in explaining new work that came in"

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